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Sandbox (Info and OOC)

Post  Ramsus on Sat Sep 07, 2013 5:49 pm

So, yeah, I'll be running a game with loose mechanics (more on that in a later post) in a 4th ed D&D setting of my own making (though it's mostly just modified Grey Hawk aka the Default setting). I'm looking for 4-5 players and currently I have nothing particular in mind for how I'll choose who gets in if more than five people sign up (probably not going to just be first people to show up, so don't get discourage if you see people have already said they want in unless I say they're in. Btw, Bronymous and Xel are in. =P). The game will be more of a sandbox type of game than a linear story. (For those that don't know, sandbox means the players are encouraged to choose to go in any direction and should not feel compelled to follow the apparent plot if they feel like they would like to do something else.)

This post will mostly be setting info. The next will be mechanics and character info. The third will be reserved for stuff I might think up later.

Note: I will probably continue to edit this over time as I come up with more stuff.

Setting Info

Short version: Feudal Japan in the desert with dinosaurs.

Long version (keep in mind this is just common information the average person might know):

General world stuff: Mostly the same as the default 4th ed setting, some monsters/divine stuff might be different. Most notably there is no objective good and evil. Not for people. Not for gods. Not even for undead, devils, and demons. Things are what they are and have what goals they have and it's up to each person to decide what's "good" and "evil" for themselves. As such, characters don't have to be your classic good heroes. Even things like Paladins are defined by what their chosen diety's goals are and how they feel they should further them.
Other notable differences from the default setting (again, this is just stuff the average person would know):
Lolth wants to be the sole god of all fae creatures instead of her default desire to kill all of them aside from the drow.

A list of Deities
-Deity, Areas of Influence-
Asmodeus: Power, Domination, Tyranny
Avandra: Change, Luck, Trade, Travel
Bahamut: Justice, Honor, Nobility, Protection
Bane: War, Conquest
Corellon: Arcane magic, Spring, Beauty, the Arts
Erathis: Civilization, Invention, Laws
Gruumsh: Turmoil, Destruction
Ioun: Knowledge, Prophecy, Skill
Kord: Storms, Strength, Battle
Lolth: Spiders, Shadows, Lies
Melora: Wilderness, Sea
Moradin: Creations, Artisans, Family
Pelor: Sun, Summer, Agriculture, Time
Raven Queen: Death, Fate, Winter
Sehanine: Trickery, Moon, Love, Autumn
Tharizdun: Annihilation, Madness (While he does exist in the setting he isn't common knowledge and I'm not allowing PC's to worship him. It's annoying.)
Tiamat: Wealth, Greed, Vengeance
Torog: Underdark, Imprisonment
Vecna: Undeath, Secrets
Zehir: Darkness, Poison, Serpents

Land specific info:
Currently the land the game takes place in does not have a name The land's name is Chiheisen. It's my tradition for this setting to allow the players to come up with the name of the land their game is taking place in. I haven't named the world either. Which is fine because there isn't really enough travel for people to even know the names of other lands outside of their own.

The land is largely a big desert with less than a dozen large cities. I might later put up a map (when I actually figure out how many cities I want and what their names are and where they are and then it'll still be a crappy Paint picture that hopefully someone will make a better version of because oh man do I have no artistic talent). It's mostly ruled by feudal lords of the big cities. Their setup will be most of what I cover here. There are also ninja clans and verdant places heavily influenced by the feywild (commonly referred to as greater oasi) but, a lot of that stuff is not really covered by common knowledge, outside of people knowing they exit and knowing the names and some vague details about the larger ninja clans. There are also small clans of wandering Kobolds that more or less occupy the same niche in society that Jawas do in Star Wars (no they don't have sandcrawlers...probably).

In place of a map here is a vague geographical description: A lot of desert. On the entire known eastern reaches of the land there is an almost impassible mountain range. The northern edge is sea/ocean and the land along it is rather tropical. On the far west, more sea/ocean. To the south.... more desert stretching farther than anyone is known to have gone. It is unknown what is past the edges of the land. There must be something as their almost every race has cultural myths and legends about old empires and kingdoms and the like but, nobody has any idea where these might be.

Edit: Map (of the low quality unreliable variety)

The feudal society is more or less a caste system (it actually doesn't mirror feudal japan, the japanese influence is mostly just in architecture and honorifics, here's a link for that btw since we'll be using them: Honorifics ). I wouldn't say the caste particularly strict or loose. It's possible to rise or fall but, it's not a simple matter. It's also divided into Greater and Lesser races (more on that in a bit). The warrior/noble class is at the top, followed by officially recognized artisans, followed by merchants and unrecognized artisans, followed by peasants and entertainers, and at the bottom slaves. Keep in mind it's not totally strict and it's possible for someone to personally be of a higher caste than their profession would indicate. Lesser races cannot legally rise higher than merchant caste, own land or magical weapons/armor (depending on city this varies anywhere from only caring about weapons/armor to strong magical items of any sort to even any magical items at all) and certain tools and items (generally things used by recognized artisans and such), or own slaves. Greater races cannot legally be slaves. Slaves cannot legally own anything and there are very few laws regarding their treatment (varying from city to city). Lesser races and slaves can "own" things they otherwise legally can't by being lent them from someone who can. While it's legal for this to be established by word of mouth alone, it requires officials to ask the proposed owner if this is in fact the case, often while keeping the suspected criminal in custody. It's more common for lenders to give the lendee a legal script with their signature and official stamp stating their permission to be using the lent thing(s). These are often referred to as "gift scripts" and sometimes basically involve renting the items in question from the owner. Don't enjoy paying rent on your apartment? Imagine paying rent on your pants or magic sword.

Greater Races

Lesser Races
Pretty much everything else.

Some notes on the races: I've replaced Deva with Aasimar and as far as I'm concerned Revenants don't exist because of their close ties with one specific deity (the Raven Queen) and she already has a more interesting race of people for her own anyway (the Shadar-kai). Also Aasimar are virtually non-existant in this land.
Drow and Shades are very rare outside of a certain ninja clan (more on that later). Also, technically Shade is more of a template than it is specifically a race and becoming one is the only likely way to rise from lesser race to greater.
Changelings are rare as well, though not as much as drow and shades, and similarly mostly comprise a clan of ninja.
Vryloka also are pretty rare (about the same as drow) and partially compose a clan of ninja.
You may note that Warforged weren't listed. This is because they are of mythical status in this land and referred to in legends as "Guardians". So, in case you were still wondering, no, they aren't a playable race. They would certainly qualify as a greater race (and as far as most people are concerned, nobility) if one showed up.
Minotaur aren't very common and are most populous in one city in the south east, in a volcanic area.
Elves, half-elves, and gnomes are the only of the fae races, aside from Drow, that even come close to being common, the others (Eladrin, Wilden, Hamadryad, Pixie, and Satyr) are all exceedingly rare to the point that most people probably haven't even heard of them.

The major deities of the cities and those who fall under their rule are: Bahamut, Tiamat, Avandra, Ioun, Asmodeus, Bane, Kord, Moradin, and Pelor.

The major ninja clans (who all don't have names yet and are currently refered to by what race they're mostly composed of):
Black Lotus (Thri-Kreen): Probably the biggest and most well known. Widely considered by everyone to be an honorable choice to hire.
Mirage (Changelings): Probably the next biggest and known for stealing the Shardmind's holy land, the Flowstone, an area of animate stone where legend holds the Shaedmind race was birthed, that constantly moves and Shardminds would go on pilgrimage to visit every few years before the Changelings somehow stole it and occluded it from them and made their home after having wandered for generations with no place to call a home of their own. Incredibly dishonorable for any Shardmind to hire.
Empty Sound (Shades and Drow): Fairly honorable choice to hire for most.
Crimson Talon (Varied): Known for their brutality. Not really a good choice is subtlety is required but, they are cheaper and willing take contracts on groups (within reasonable limits. A trade caravan, sure. An entire long established family, probably not.).
Broken Chains (Vryloka, Human, and assorted lesser races): Dishonorable for just about everyone to hire, not that they're typically hired by the greater races at all. About a hundred years ago some humans made some sort of deal with vampires and gained some of their powers, giving them and the rest of the enslaved populous the strength to overthrown the rulers of a relatively weakly controlled city on the far west of the land. They then turned on the vampires who sought to rule them in exchange for their gift, claiming the city as their own and establishing it as a place free of slavery.

Notes on hiring ninja: It's not illegal in and of itself. The legality is all about who is getting whom killed. Typically it is legal to have rivals of equal or lower caste assassinated. If discovered it is always somewhat dishonorable but, depending on which clan was hired by a member of which race of which family of which class, etc, it can range from no more than a slap on the wrist to being diminished to a lower caste. The result and method also play a part in determining legality and dishonor. Dishonor can range from personal to your entire family. Shardmind hiring the Changeling clan risk severe reproductions (though only at the hands of their own race since the other races don't personally care) as does anyone hiring the Vryloka clan. Note that personally murdering someone is almost always more dishonorable and illegal than hiring an assassin.

Rough history notes
It's rumored that long long ago the land wasn't a desert and was mostly flat plains and some forests. The most common races supposedly being Humans and Dwarves (who still are pretty populous) and Shifters (who are not so much). When the land started turning barren there were great wars. At some point during these the Githzerai arrived and introduced psionics to those besides the Shardmind. With this new power, most of those who were members of are allied with what are now the greater races conquered the land. This took hundreds of years and a lot of the history of those times and before was lost.

The cities still war with each other but, not with anywhere near the severity of the old wars as the old wars were as much about conquest as they were survival, where more modern battles are more about honor and the personal power of noble families.

Notes on flora and fauna
As would be predicted, a lot of the surviving non-monstrous flora and fauna are things you'd expect to find in a desert. Additionally agricultural druids employed by the cities help with farming (a lot of rice) and some amount of actual trees. Still wood is pretty rare and expensive. To adapt wizards and artificers invented a wood-like substance known as wud that is mostly made from sand (though the more expensive kinds include actual sawdust in their crafting) that has commonly replaced the mostly unavailable wood for construction of everything from buildings, to tools, to paper. It is a bit more course and brittle than real wood and for some reason still manages to burn about as easily.

While there are still some cows and pigs and a surprising amount of horses (you can thank the noble class for that), it's far more common to see birds and lizards. Large and small, including dinosaurs that fortunately (?) have inexplicably adapted to having so little water. And even though we now know a lot of dinos probably had feathers, I think the scaled kind are cool, so we have both. Here, have this complimentary lampshade. So, it's just as common to see people riding a large lizard or some kind of raptor as horses and using (again) large lizards as beasts of burden is more common than oxen. Even as far as what people eat, it's most reptile or poultry when it comes to meat, or sand eels (note: not sand eels but, magically altered eels of all types to be able to live in the desert climate) which are still technically fish. Unless you live near the ocean and then it's plenty of fish. Some fish does get exported to non-coastal cities of course but, it's pretty expensive to get fish that isn't dried and salted anywhere far from the coast as it requires magic to be kept fresh.

More stuff goes here? Probably. What are the chances I didn't forget something important?

See, knew I forgot something.

There are various schools of warrior monks. The monks can fall anywhere on the caste system, typically depending on their rank. The greater and lesser races are typically trained separately, with the greater races receiving the better instructors and equipment. A small portion of the lesser rank pupils are recruited from talented slaves and usually made free when they reach young adulthood or after a few years, generally long enough to make sure they are dedicated and not just grabbing an opportunity to be freed from slavery and run off. Monk school names usually reference animals or plants, commonly paired with a color or type of gemstone.
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Re: Sandbox (Info and OOC)

Post  Ramsus on Sat Sep 07, 2013 5:49 pm

Old rules, go ahead and ignore most of this stuff. Though you may want to read the section on Skill Challenges.
Mechanics and Character stuff

So the mechanics themselves will be really simple. On the part of the player it will involve rolling a d20 (either your own irl dice or a dice bot somewhere) and doing some simple math to get a result. Unlike Zarhon's game I won't be rolling for your defense vs attacks. Instead your defenses will just be derived from your stats/equipment (and you won't get to see the numbers involved in this so, don't worry about it) and the enemies will roll to hit you (like is normal for D&D).

Sometimes we will have "Skill Challenges" which basically happen when you guys as a group are trying to achieve some specific goal through a series of skill rolls. I'll set an amount of success that are required for the group to succeed and an amount of failures for the group to fail. I may or may not tell you these amounts. It's also possible I may lie. Of course, I'm the GM, it's always possible I will lie. Twisted Evil Anyway.... My house rules for this are as follows. Each character can only roll once per "round" (one set of everyone rolling), that character can't use the same skill twice in a row, and they cannot use the same skill as the person who went before them (and I'd prefer if you guys didn't cheese things and wait till someone else goes between you and the guy who used the skill you wanted to use just so you can use it too, if that happens too often I will actually make you guys roll initiative and roll in order instead of whoever whenever they can and it'll slow things down a bit). In these skill rolls (ok with all skill rolls really) you should describe what you're doing to use that skill.

We'll be using the following skills:
I've included the related Abilities in parenthesis next to each skill.

Acrobatics (Dex)
Arcana (Int)
Athletics (Str)
Bluff (Chr)
Diplomacy (Chr)
Dungeoneering (Wis)
Endurance (Con)
Heal (Wis)
History (Int)
Insight (Wis)
Intimidate (Usually Chr but, I might allow something else depending)
Nature (Wis)
Perception (Wis)
Religion (Int)
Stealth (Dex)
Streetwise (Chr)
Thievery (Dex)

Also, because I liked the idea, you can choose a Profession or two your character is trained in if it makes sense. (Example: Profession: Chef or Profession: Fletcher. Example of what not to do: Profession: Butt Kicker or Profession: Astronaut.)

Ok, now character creation. This will be pretty simple. You'll need to pick a race, a class, abilities (see below), and some skills (see above, ignore what your class says for what you can/can't take and how many, just pick some that make sense for your character).


We'll just use the normal 4th ed point buy for this. If you're unfamiliar with it, here is my favored stat spread: 16, 14, 14, 13, 10, 8. I like this one because it means you're especially good in one stat but, also decent in others. Anyway, just put those numbers in whichever stat you like.

Strength: 10
Constitution: 14
Dexterity: 13
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 14

Then add 2 to any two (not the same one twice, nice try!) stats. So that 16 becomes 18 and that 10 becomes 12 or whatever.

Note on stats and skills: Training in a skill means you have a +5 bonus to that skill when rolling. For every 2 above 10 you have in an ability you get +1 to skills/stat checks relating to that ability. Having 9 or 8 in an ability means you get -1 to related skills/ability checks.
Your stats/equipment will also determine your defenses (but, don't worry too much about those as I'll be keeping track of those myself).

If you want to be a race I didn't list, you'll have to give me a pretty convincing reason and really, there are plenty on that list.

For classes, you can pick almost any 4th ed class you like or even make up your own if you talk to me about it (like a shadow powered pet using Defender or something that doesn't exist but totally should). I can't think of any off the top of my head I'm not allowing but, I haven't thought too hard about it either. If you're familiar with 4th ed you might want to list a few Powers as examples of what you can do. Either way I won't limit you to just those few things but, you should keep what you can do within reason for your level. If you're a spell caster, knowing every single spell is unlikely but, you can certainly know more than a normal 4th ed character would.

I will probably just deem all spell casters as being able to cast Rituals. Rituals are spells that have lengthy cast times (anywhere from a few minutes to hours) and do a wide variety of non-combat related stuff. You'll probably start out with a few based on your class/personal preference/me picking some out at random.

To keep things interesting if someone picks a race or class, nobody else in the game can pick that race/class. I'm not expecting to get one of every role (Defender, Striker, Leader, Controller) but, having at least one Leader and Controller and at least one of the other two in the party would probably be a really good idea. Also I want at least half (2 or 3) the cast of characters to be of Lesser races and at least one (1) Greater.

Because of this, people should just post their character ideas in the thread. I'm expecting a brief description of them along with their race, class, stats, and trained skills in this thread. Brief description so that people don't get too attached to a concept that they then can't use because someone else takes a race or class they wanted and won't feel like they're doing a ton of work to make a new one, because I don't want people to bow out just because their first idea didn't get accepted.

If you don't know enough about 4th ed D&D, send me a PM and I'll give you the information you need.

Player Characters


Name: Alma Lex-Iya
Gender: Female
Race: Genasi (Watersoul)
Class: Druid
Strength: 8
Constitution: 13
Dexterity: 10
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 18
Charisma: 16
Skills: Athletics, Diplomacy, Endurance, History, Insight, Nature
Profession: Artist

Alma was high-born to a Genasi Warrior family, and experienced the higher learning that comes with the rank. She often rebelled against her father (a Firesoul), and disagreed with the caste system in general. Despite all of the benefits she was afforded by her birth, she left home dedicated to aiding those of lesser birth and caste against oppression. However, this crusade was not to be, and she soon found herself wandering the desert- not exiled, per se, just sort of drifting without purpose. She became enthralled by the spiritual nature of the desert, and learned to appreciate its beauty and danger. Now she spends much of her time doing simple kindnesses for the poor and the lower class, and offering her services as a guide and carekeeper for caravans through the desert. She has little contact with her family, but bears their seal, in order that she may reap the benefits of her high birth when necessary.

Alma is 5'9", and she has water-esque "hair", as opposed to being bald.
Xel Unknown

Name: Cyrtanthus (Named for the genus of the Fire Lily)
Gender: Female
Race: Pixie
Class: Warlock
Strength: 8
Constitution: 14
Dexterity: 16
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 18
Trained Skills: Arcana, Bluff, Diplomacy, Heal, Perception, Stealth, Thievery
Professions: Street Performer and Arsonist

Character details (description, short version of backstory, etc.): Cyrtanthus isn't sure if she was born into being a slave or if she was just forced into the roll at just a very young age. But that doesn't really matter at all to The Pixie. Over all her life was a fun and she was lucky to have a thoughtful Thri-Kreen Noble named Ca'Hak for an owner. He was a very good to Cyrta, and from the Pixie's point of view she thinks of him as having been kind and loving person to her. And Ca'Hak's extended Clutch, known to most as the Ack'cha Family, mostly did just think of her as a tool or weapon to use on their enemies, none of them disliked the fey. Also most of the Ack'cha Family highly respected her skills regardless of what she was to them. But to Cyrta, she thinks they all had loved her just as much as she still loves them. Sadly in reality only the rare few that decided to get to know her personally did think of her more then just a thing. Cyrta's official title and tasks was just to look pretty and was viewed by most to just be Ca'Hak's pet. Also she loved to do most was to help around the Family's house wherever and whenever she could... After all just waiting around doing nothing got really boring quite quickly for the little fey. Cyrtanthus, because of both her magical affinity and her EXTREME and seemingly endless loyalty for the Ack'cha Family, was trained in secret as a Pyromancer and formed a pact with a Fire Elemental for her magic. Only the Leaders of the Ack'cha family and Ca'Hak knew of the Pixie's pyromancer skills. She used these skills to burn down buildings at the Ack'cha's command for whatever reason they wanted and Cyrta was a natural with this task, being able to both get inside of nearly any building, start the fire, and get out before anyone knew she was ever there. Also to The Ack'cha this saved them gold from not having to pay any ninja clan to do such a deed. Nobody ever found any proof the Pixie was ever in any of the building she had burned down, or was able to get proof that the Pixie had any skills to even start said fires. Also Cyrta was skilled with lieing so well that there are but only a rare few that still thought after having a short chat with the pixie that still think she was behind the fire. Then one day Ca'Hak died of old age at 29 and in his will, he gave Cyrtanthus her freedom, a move mostly everyone both inside and outside of The Ack'cha Family thought was just to spite them from getting ownership of the Pixie, but Cryta knows he did this because of the very real fear that her next owner would not be as kind or loving as Ca'Hak was. Also as far as anyone outside of The Ack'cha Family's leaders know, she officially learned her Fire Making skills about three weeks after she was given her freedom. And she had left her Owner's household little after she had ended up causing one of the minorest of burns to one a young Thri-Kreen. The Family was forced to kick her out at that time. But she is welcomed to return for a visit and they know that she'd do anything that they'd ask of her. She has been a free Pixie for about two years or so and will do ANYTHING to keep her freedom. To Cyrta, her freedom is her most meaningful gift Ca'Hak had ever gave her... Also she sometimes has to steal food when her Fire-Related Street Performance doesn't earn her enough money for the day, something she doesn't like doing, but does because she has to.

Name: Skaimos Terai
Gender: Male
Deity: Avandra & Ioun
Race: Tiefling
Class: Psion
Strength: 8
Constitution: 14
Dexterity: 10
Intelligence: 18
Wisdom: 13
Charisma: 16
Trained Skills: Arcana, Bluff, Diplomacy, History, Insight, Streetwise
Profession: Merchant
Character details (description, short version of backstory, etc.): Skaimos is the son of a merchant, and wishes to go out into the world to seek his fortune. He wishes to improve his social standing, either by rising up to the artisans and nobility, or becoming the best darn merchant in the desert. His primary goal in traveling is finding the surpluses and deficiencies of the cities, and set up a trading circuit to profit from it. Or there's a chance he might go for the jackpot- finding the legendary Forest. He values intelligence over strength or social standing, but is willing to at least act respectful to his "betters".

He has short brown hair and pale-reddish skin. He has red eyes, a 4-ft non-prehensile tail, and two horns that extend up from his forehead, like this.
Brony 7 of 9

Name: Tordek Ironfist
Race: Dwarf
Class: Fighter
Strength: 16
Constitution: 16
Dexterity: 10
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 13
Trained Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Endurance, Intimidate, Perception, Streetwise
Profession(s): Blacksmith
Character details: Tordek was born into a long line of dwarven blacksmiths in the merchant caste of Hanko. His father was a blacksmith, and his father before him, and his father… Dwarves do like their ancestry and honor. But Tordek wanted more out of life. At first he tried mining, but he simply didn’t have the ability as other specialists. Without anything to do other than mend weapons and armor, Tordek took to watching gladiatorial combat a bit more closely than most. And there he found out about the art of combat. Tordek found a new purpose in life – to learn all he can about the art of combat. Maybe then he can make a name for himself, not the name that a family left him with.
Religion: As a dwarf, Tordek was raised as a servant of Moradin, but upon finding his new calling he converted to Kord instead. As such he isn't overly religious - Kord does not answer prayers for strength, and has given life to the world so that men can find their own strength.
Equipment: Plate armor and Greataxe
tl;dr tordek is in it for the bitches

Trained Skills:
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Re: Sandbox (Info and OOC)

Post  Ramsus on Sat Sep 07, 2013 5:50 pm

Reserved in case I need it. Past me, you're a genius!

Right, this is much simpler. Putting the new LL style sheets here:


Masaru Bastos

Skaimos Terai


Toku Kuromori

Tsukino Maihime

Leveling System
Every level (including level 1) you get 2 Talent Specialization Points

2: Utility, Combat Trait
3: Utility, Level 3 Boon
4: Utility, Dangerously Talented, +1 TSP
5: Destiny Feature 1, Combat Trait
6: Level 3 Boon, Utility
7: Herd Mentality, Utility
8: Combat Trait, +1 to your lowest Ability, +1 TSP
9: Level 6 Boon, Utility
10: Spellchild, Utility, Dangerously Talented
11: Destiny Feature 2, Combat Trait
12: Level 6 Boon, Utility
13: Utility, Freaky Knowledge
14: Combat Trait, Second Expert Skill
15: Level 9 Boon, Utility
16: Utility, Dangerously Talented, +1 TSP
17: Destiny Feature 3, Combat Trait
18: Level 9 Boon, Utility
19: Utility, +1 to all Abilities
20: Utility, Combat Trait, + 1 TSP
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Re: Sandbox (Info and OOC)

Post  Ramsus on Sat Sep 28, 2013 9:21 pm

Apparently I forgot Tethe was supposed to get paid for protecting the caravan. So, with the other money, Smithe gave her 40 gold. Bringing her up to 111.
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Re: Sandbox (Info and OOC)

Post  Ramsus on Fri Oct 04, 2013 3:56 pm

Colter Bolt, could you come on skype sometime so that we could discuss things?
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Re: Sandbox (Info and OOC)

Post  Ramsus on Sun Oct 13, 2013 3:27 am

Lynt, don't forget to add the wand to Skaimos' character sheet.
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Re: Sandbox (Info and OOC)

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