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Re: Slice of Night OOC

Post  quietkal on Thu May 01, 2014 12:42 am

SubjectZ-Skype wrote:Khu fdoo grhv pryh wkh ehdvwv dqg hduwk,
Brx'oo ilqg khu vljq lq wkh hqgohvv khduwk,
Exw li brx gduh wr gudz khu luh,
Wklv judvv vkdoo eh brxu sbuh.
Khu qdph lv nqrzq eb jurxqghg irdov,
Zkr vhh khu idfh zlwklq wkh frdov,
Vkh vplohv vplohv ixoo ri hduwk,
ghhs zlwklq wkh khduwk.
Khu vlvwhuv plvvhg wkh fuhhslqj vljqv,
Wkhb iruhwrog ri wkh frplqj wlphv,
Exw plvvhg wkh krri hqjudyhg lq jrog,
Wkh vlvwhu ri wkh hduwk iruhwrog.
Wkh Txhhq ri Wkruqv kdv frph dw odvw,
Uhwxuqhg iurp gdun wlphv wkrxjkw orqj sdvw,
Brx'oo vhh khu vrrq, brx vruub 6,
Brx'uh fdxjkw xs lq wkh pla!
Her call does move the beasts and earth,
You'll find her sign in the endless hearth,
But if you dare to draw her ire,
This grass shall be your pyre.
Her name is known by grounded foals,
Who see her face within the coals,
She smiles smiles full of earth,
deep within the hearth.
Her sisters missed the creeping signs,
They foretold of the coming times,
But missed the hoof engraved in gold,
The sister of the earth foretold.
The Queen of Thorns has come at last,
Returned from dark times thought long past,
You'll see her soon, you sorry 6,
You're caught up in the mix!
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