D&D 4e thing I want someone to run for me

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D&D 4e thing I want someone to run for me

Post  Ramsus on Tue Mar 18, 2014 12:57 am

So I would like someone to run for me a bunch of pre-made adventures so that I can solo play the entire party. Largely so I have a non-bland way to get a chance to play as a bunch of different class types and such. I probably wouldn't invest much in the characters since I would expect them to die (I believe some pre-made adventures are a bit more lethal than how a long campaign tends to actually go) and I'd make new characters for the next adventure anyway. The one unofficial thing I would like to do with this is be allowed to pick which stats a race gets their bonus to so I wind up getting to play all the races too without being worried about not having the right stats and wind up never playing one race or another.
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