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The Demon & the Doll OOC

Post  Ramsus on Tue Oct 29, 2013 2:43 pm

So... this is a game with a setting Hum and I came up with for a game.... I'm running just for Hum. He'll be playing both of the two characters.

Anyway, here's the setting info.


Setting wide: Magic use has some kind of costs/drawbacks, but is learnable by most.

1st Dimension: Prime
4 (known) kingdoms on floating islands in an endless sky.
Gods: Distant medium scale alien gods whose archons show up every few years and do strange things.
Small gods of places/things.
Plenty of magic in the world.
D&D monsters and magical stuff with western style tech & blimps.

Magic types: Divine magic, extraction (magic drawn from items, effect depends on the items), conjuration, arcane magic (no real theme, spells hard and time consuming to learn, little room for improvisation)

Races: Human, Beastmen (like-human, animal stuff), Crell (crab-like people, four legs, exoskeletal plates, krogan-like head), Coppelion (dolls with souls in them)

Kingdom 1: The Empire of Aleria
Fuedal, rule is passed down heriditorally to women
people are mostly caucasian.

Kingdom 2: The Unified Lands of Okasa
Caste system, lead by the heads of each important caste
Castes: lords, samurai, smiths and shipwrights, farmers, peasants, soldiers, untouchables.
ninja either fall under samurai or peasants depending.

Kingdom 3: The Republic of Daskin
Democratic, lead by council
people are somewhat similar to italian/spanish or african.

Kingdom 4: The Savage Kingdom
no unified government or ethnicity or culture

2nd Dimension: Faerie
a realm of constant change, fae creatures, strange wonders, and many horrors.
lots of monsters, low tech
Gods: The Greater Fae. present & wandering medium-small gods (typically alien or at least just strange).

Magic types: geomancy, shapeshifting, glamor (mind influencing, illusions, dream eating, etc.)

Races: Bugmen (beastmen, but bugs), Plantmen (same, but plants), Zug (tusked orc-like faces, arms instead of legs, upper arms have large skin flaps for gliding, lower arms have smaller skin flaps for control)

3rd Dimension: Hell
a realm of extremes, random tech (results of deals or theft from other dimensions)
normal death results in reincarnation (either a random thing or you wind up in a "pool" where you can make a deal with a demon as to how you reincarnate)
true death for demons is transcendence where they (hopefully) go to the angelic realm (a sub-dimension of this one)
demons range from horrible monsters to disgaea style
Gods: Overlords? Arch-angels?

Magic types: necromancy (black & white), elemental, imbuement (weapon/item enhancing/special move type stuff), corruption

Races: all sorts

4th Dimension: Azure
high tech (robots and mech suits)
people live in spheres of air and land underwater
Gods: they killed them

Magic types: various creation magics

Races: lizardmen, mermen, coppelion, Morai (large manta rays with two long prehensile tails, can fly)

Character Sheets
Overlord. Overlord? Overlord!
Overlord. Overlord? Overlord!

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